Jonathan Sherr as Tom

Jonathan Sherr is an American actor living in Tokyo who co-starred in “My Darling is a Foreigner”  with Inoue Mao. He also does narration, translation, voice overs and speaks fluent Japanese.

Itsuka as Saki

Itsuka is a Japanese singer-song-writer & an actress born and living in Tokyo. She has written hundreds of original songs. She started her acting career in 2012, being featured on “FINAL”(2013) by Timothy A. Chey and ” I Really Hate My Ex!”(2014) by Troy Byer.

Jason London as Joey

Jason is an actor and producer, known for “Dazed and Confused,“ “Jason and the Argonauts,” and “The Rage:Carrie 2.” In addition to feature films, Jason has also appeared regularly on television  in made-for tv movies such as “Blood Ties,”   Mini-series like “A Matter Of Justice ,” and  in guest-starring roles in series like “Tales From The Crypt,” and “Scandal and Major Crimes.”


Michael Solton Executive Producer, Director and Screenwriter

Michael co wrote and produced the film “Dialing for Dingbats,” distributed by Troma Inc, and aired on the USA network. His love for travel and good eats motivated his passion to create and launch two very popular dining websites, and In 2011, A mockumentary film project found Michael writing, producing and staring in a South American travel film called “Lost in Buenos Aires,”.  Distribution for his latest film “Love in Tokyo” has just been acquired.  “Love in Tokyo” is currently on VOD and will be released on DVD early next year.

Peter Harmon Screenwriter

Originally from Washington D.C., Peter Harmon is a Los Angeles based screenwriter and producer.  He’s created sketches that have been featured on the front page of “Funny Or Die,” written independent features, and produced for docu-series television shows.  He currently lives in the San Fernando Valley with his wife, son, and their pug Summer.

Scott Larson Line Producer

Scott Larson is an English/Japanese speaking Tokyo based camera operator, editor, and director for international projects experienced with television, features, live events, corporate videos, music videos, news events. Larson has eleven years experience shooting in and around Tokyo, Japan, and other parts of Asia.

Rob Mayes Sound Recordist

Rob Mayes, a New Zealand sound recordist lives between Christchurch and Tokyo, recently worked on the Ridley Scott-produced “Don’t Think,”  a Chemical Brothers feature film shot at the Fuji Rock Festival. Mayes’ work has taken him all over the world, including producing an album in Malta, working with Solomon Island tribal group Narasirato as location and live sound producer on their Japanese tour and resulting documentary.  


Name Title
Jonathan Sherr Tom
Itsuka Saki
Jason London Joey
Michael Solton Mike
Also starring (in order of appearance)
Tadashi Yamagata Sushi Chef 1
Ayumi Tsushima Sushi Extra
Masako Sakaguchi Sushi Extra
Mitsuki Koga Sushi Extra
Michiko Tsunooka Concierge
Shi Jun Sushi Extra
Toshiko Yamano Sushi Extra
Ayano Suzuki Shinjuku Extra
Akira Yamamoto Shinjuku Extra
Jun Iwata Shinjuku Extra
Tsutomo Inoue Shinjuku Extra
Yamada Keiko Shinjuku Extra
Hiroko Yashiki Park Jogger
Kojima Keiji Sushi Chef 2
Kazuya Tanabe Mover 1
Hiroshige Okada Mover 2
Keisuke Miyaguchi Koji
Sadoko Saida Date 1
Tomoko Hayakawa Date 2
Mariko Nashila Date 3
Maria Luisa Canales Date 3
Adele Wong Date 4
Mitsuyo Okumura Dance Extra
Mitsuru Yamaguchi Dance Extra
Stephanie Hannah Dance Extra
Chiaki Kudo Dance Extra
Kayoko Okumura Dance Extra
Mark Sullivan Dance Extra
Saki Kubokawa Dance Extra
Lee Sullivan Bouncer, Dance Extra
Yoshihisa Ashida Bauhaus Extra
Hiroko Kudo Bauhaus Extra
Miwako Kimoto Bauhaus Extra
Yoshie Nishioka Nozomi 1
Ruri Ono Cute Girl
Akiko Iwase Cute Girl 1
Eri Yamazaki Waitress
Kanemaru Natsuko Karaoke Manager
Paul Baca Bouncer 1
Jett Edwards Jett
Qyoko Kudo Nozomi 2
Michiko Tsunooka Sushi Extra
Yutaka (Unnatural) Saki’s Band
Daichi Kusunose (UN-JAMI) Saki’s Band
Rock Sakurai (EXXXXIT) Saki’s Band
Mitsu (Unnatural) Saki’s Band


Name Title
Michael Solton Producer, Director, Screenwriter
Peter Harmon Screenwriter
Marc Swadel Director of Photography
Scott Larson Line Producer
John Downie Editor
Rob Mayes Location Recording and Audio Post
Richard Marrett Score Composed and Performed by
Rob Mayes Music Supervisor
Mikie Sakaguchi Assistant Director
Kato Tetsuhiro Camera Assistant
Rumiko Yato Hair and Makeup
Yuka Shimizu Hair and Makeup
Timothy Buerger Photography Assistant
Dean Newcombe Casting Director Tokyo
Ricki Masler Casting Director Los Angeles
Alfie Goodrich Graphic Designer
NR Soft Solutions Website Design